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Originally Posted by hikingandwildex View Post
This has to be it, right?

42.31455007095308, -78.62677645862264

That is correct.

The Eastern Lookout page has a more complete list of towers than what was on Hartmann's Forest Ranger site. There are some anomalies though. I combed it once and found a few missing. I might comb it again, because it's probably updated. That site brings up some really obscure places. I'm wondering if they sent out bots to find these places and articles on the internet, because there are a few anomalies. One of the towers is clearly Pennsylvanian. Another one is, "what is that"? Salt Hill aka Nelson has a fallen tower. This site lists nearby Spitzenberg as a tower site, without leads. Did Spitzenberg really have a pre 1909 wood tower. I have no idea.

Update: never mind they posted the article for Spitzenberg. I wonder if that is a scenario where the operation site was moved to Salt Hill. A scenario Like when Dunn/Dun Brook lol, was moved to Goodnow or Ohmer moved to Hadley. I'm going to re analyze their list tonight to keep up on what is going on.

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