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Originally Posted by Lonehiker View Post
The tower at Oak Orchard was a fire tower. It's Kings Park from Long Island. They took the top off and repurposed the top for a viewing platform. You can find the name kings Park stenciled somewhere at the base.

The structure at Kings Park was an 80' Aermotor LS40 tower erected by the Conservation Department in 1948.

"The Long Island State Park Commission removed this structure in 1960. The lower 47' portion is now used as an observation platform at Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area near Buffalo. Visitors can still clearly see the words "NYSCD Kings Park LI" stenciled on some of the steel pieces".
Interesting. That tower really traveled a long ways to its new home!

Speaking of fire tower relocations, I've always thought that the perfect place for a lookout tower would be on top of Bare Hill on the eastern side of Canandaigua Lake. Currently, there are partially-obstructed views of the lake. If you put a 50-100 foot tower up there, you'd have a really outstanding viewpoint of the lake and for sunsets. If I ever purchased a drone, that would be one of the first places I'd take it.
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