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Alright, back to waterfalls...

The second time was a charm for Keshequa Creek Falls in Sonyea State Forest, east of Letchworth State Park. Back in February, my Garmin GPS routed me through a state prison road where I wasn't authorized to drive and the alternative roads were a bit too snowy, icy, and bumpy for my liking. This time, I followed the driving directions on the DEC's website and made it to the trailhead okay in spite of the long detour around the state penitentiary and the pothole-filled state forest road.

This hike and creekwalk blew away my expectations despite the waterfalls themselves not being very tall. There were sizeable cliffs alongside Keshequa Creek and in the nearby woods. Similar to Eighteen Mile Creek near Buffalo, this felt like a mini Zoar Valley. The main waterfall area contained (let me count 'em) five waterfalls, and there were other small cascades accessible by side trails and/or creekwalking. There are also designated camping areas near the creek with views of the waterfall areas. All in all, it was a great morning and I had the entire place to myself. I highly recommend exploring the Keshequa Creek Valley (which the Senecas called "the valley of the eternal sun") as an addition to Letchworth and Stony Brook.

In total, I hiked around 20 miles yesterday: 3-4 miles in Sonyea State Forest, 15+ miles R/T in Letchworth State Park, and some eveningtime walking around Allen Lake. A gallery containing 30+ photos from Sonyea & Letchworth are linked to below:


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