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The gobblers were lighting it up this morning. What a day compared to yesterday. Yesterday I sat in the snow for 6 hours before giving up. I saw one hen and got one very weak gobble response.
Today I got to my spot late (forgot about the moonlight) and had a bird gobbling 30 yards from where I sat yesterday. There were also two fired up on the other side of the road where I planned to move. I could not believe how early they came off the roost. I forgot about the moonlight. It makes a difference when it's not cloudy/snowing. I rushed to the first spot I could find, sat and made a few quick calls. I managed to work a few birds out of the woods to 25 yards and took a nice tom after he separated from his little buddy jake. He put on quite a show right up until he got thumped.
While I tagged I was still hearing birds (hens and Toms) nearby. I also saw two nice Toms with hens about 300 yards from my spot as I was leaving. It seems like the DEC's prediction of low bird counts was not correct WRT the North Country.
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