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Originally Posted by FishinNY View Post
I was so upset and never understood why people want to educate birds from their vehicle.

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I agree, and feel bad for your young brother. The only turkeys I call to are the ones I'm hunting. Before the season, when scouting or roosting, I use a crow call or owl hoot to get them to gobble.

I just wrapped up a real fun weekend, despite no birds. My brother and I had a pair of hens wisk away two nice toms Friday morning. Went back there yesterday with the young kid I'm mentoring and we never saw a bird. I did call in three jakes in another spot later yesterday morning, but I was alone. Then I had six jakes come in at 5:45 this morning. I might come to regret it, but unless it's a nice longbeard, I'm saving my second tag for a special hunt/fish trip with friends next weekend.
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