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Salmon Season on a Trout Stream

I haven't seen too many trout updates lately, but here's my first reflection on the season thus far (forgetting that the water is at July low levels already)...

I hit my favorite big water trout fishery today, which typically along the stretches I call home a very busy day is when I see 8-10 fishing along my favorite stretch. I must have seen 50+ today, including hordes of out-of-state plates congregated at all the top holes. Normally I love chatting with fellow fisherman on their success (or lack thereof), the flies they're hitting on, etc., but today felt a little like the Salmon River during the peak run. I love that so many love this "thing of ours", but holy cow, that kind of pressure will deplete this stream soon, if it hasn't already.

Not exactly sure what I'm getting at, other than I hope folks act responsibly with this precious resource so many of us enjoy.

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