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"I got out to the creek today and followed it upstream to the source "

Ever read "The River Why" by Dattus Proper. Great Book, though little known.

The main caricature takes a summer off to just fish, starts off catching the most fish, then the biggest fish then just that one elusive fish. Typical growth of a fisherman. Well, eventually he starts hiking up the river he's been fishing all summer to find the source of the river, figuring it will be a life changing experience. Thought a long chapter he finds much meaning while following the river. As the river gets smaller and smaller he knows he is about to find the source, rounds the last bend and his holy river.....ready for this.....
Comes out of a culvert under a parking lot.

Ain't that just life.

Check out the book it's a good one especially if you grew up in the 60's

John M.
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