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Originally Posted by AdirondackAir82 View Post
Is there too much political tape to wade through to try and start a new search?
More so the resources just don't exist to justify an intensive, large-scaled search for someone who disappeared nearly 50 years ago. The Adirondacks see multiple search and rescue incidents every week... to start a new search for Thomas would take resources away from those rescues. It has nothing to do with politics.

It's not at all like the state doesn't care. It's simply the unfortunate reality of the situation... like Wldrns says, there's a number of folks that have gone missing across the Adirondack Park over the years that have never been found. Douglas Legg, Irene Horne, Tom Messick, George Bombardier, Thomas Carleton, George LaForest and Jack Coloney, to name some of the more well known cases. Nearly all were the subject of incredibly intensive searches, without result. Given the ensuing decades that have passed since most of the above have disappeared, it's extremely unlikely in any of these cases that a new search would turn up anything that the initial search missed.

If you're serious about trying to do something to honor Thomas' memory, I'd suggest that your efforts might be better directed elsewhere. Education especially is badly needed, particularly for visitors to the High Peaks. The number of hikers who enter the High Peaks backcountry astonishingly unprepared every single weekend is utterly astounding. There is a desperate need for trailhead stewards to provide education- and fortunately, opportunities to do this exist through the Adirondack Mountain Club. You'd be far more likely to prevent someone else from suffering the same fate at Thomas than you would be to find any clue that leads to the discovery of Thomas' whereabouts.
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