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Originally Posted by NY_Rocking_Chairs View Post

...I surveyed the surrounding country-side, found the Olmstead Pond Row-boat which looked like it had seen better days and decided to setup my hammock atop a rather large and easily defensible rock formation where I would easily spot any hordes of approaching zombies...."

You didn't do your homework before this trip. Zombies are not a problem this time of year because the deer flies shoo them out of the woods.

... I arrived at Curtis Pond at 2:00 and found the camp site with incident, there was no rowboat I setup camp and started my dinner around 3:30, then at 4:00 it started to pour. I climbed into my hammock and watch it pour, on my dinner, for 20 minutes before mustering the courage to venture out there and rescue my dinner..."
And all the guide books warm of palantirs surfacing on the eskers. Obviously you found one, looked into it, and were commanded to "make me a dinner worthy of Mordor!"
Thanks for this report. I may be doing the wildest 38 miles with friends later this summer, and was concerned about having to wade deeply near that beaver dam.

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