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Yes, you arre allowed to hike that road from Horseshoe to the upper dam. When work was being done on the upper dam, scouts, staff, and visitors to the Sabattis BSA camp were allowed to drive that road. It was the primary (much shorter) access road for the past DEC AFR, Dawn Andrews and family who lived in there full time. There are still some very interesting Lows estate remnants to be found there, including what once was a syrup evaporator, a small still standing brick storage house, and a very large stone fireplace and standing chimney. Also, east of campsite #8, over the existing beaver dam you can paddle into two very large round cisterns, where Mr. Low bottled water to ship to NYC. The spring water is very cold in there. He actually invented a process to produce square sided bottles so they would pack more efficienty than round ones. He was an entrepreneur far ahead of his time with many new processes and inventions.
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