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wish I was in the Adks
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I am currently a network engineer working for NY State in Albany. I enjoy it. I used to work as a geologist for environmental consulting firms cleaning up hazardous waste sites, but we cleaned them all up and I got laid off. Married with one 9-year old daughter. Some day, possibly, I see myself owning a motel or B&B somewhere, in the ADKs or maybe on the New England coast. We'll close down for the winter and go someplace warm. I don't want to work 8-5 in an office forever.

I got started outdoors in diapers when my family went car camping for all our summer vacations. I fell in love with the Adks. at early age. I just love being in the mountains, whether on top of a peak, along a peaceful lake or pond, or just in a beautiful forest somewhere. I can't explain why I love it, just love the beauty of nature I guess.
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