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I live on both sides of this issue. Where I live (and now shelter in place) in Vermont, we have (and our economy depends upon) many out-of-state second home owners. But, many of them are from CT/metro NY/Boston. We had a crush of folks arrive in early March when things started to ramp up, and the ones I know have stayed put and behaved (unlike the beachgoers in FL and NJ and other places), though it has strained local grocers, as every day was like a winter Friday or Saturday afternoon as far as demand. But, they are keeping restaurants operating (takeout), and (knock on wood) there has been no spike in infections locally.
On the other hand, we have a family camp in the southern ADKs that I would love to visit now that I have time to do so. I can make the trip on a tank of gas and could bring provisions and stay away from all folks, but I am resisting the urge...easy to do with ice still on the lake and no insulation in camp; will be harder to resist once weather improves.
In any case, I am finding new hikes around here, helping a local sugarmaker pull taps (talk about social distancing...), and trying to not look at the news too much.
Stay safe folks, stay home (or at least stay in your zip code), and wash your hands.
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