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"I really do hate to see these parts of the park neglected because they aren't as spectacular as the high peaks."

That all depends one's definition of spectacular. If spectacular means campfire-less nights, trailheads with no available parking spots, and solitude being just a hollow word, then, yes, the High Peaks are spectacular.

I'll take something less, uh, "spectacular", thank you.

The southern reaches of the park-proper, are spectacular for a lots of reasons, at least for those of us with slightly different definitions of the word. Swimming, completely alone, in perhaps the most picturesque little hole one could ever imagine? Spending 8 days out in the wilds, without seeing, not even from a distance, another human? Leaning back at night, listening to the fire's final pops and cracks as its low slowly fades away?

That's spectacular, and it can be found in many, many locales outside of that other "spectacular" region.

I'm all for the GSWP.

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