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I have not been up it, but Loon Lake Mtn. is another possibility to consider in that area, with the fairly recently re-opened trail.

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Creeks/Rivers are open through Duane and St. Regis Falls. Ponds/Lakes still have ice... Micro spikes/snowshoes will get you through unless you're planning on hiking Furnace or Debar..I'd brink crampons and a mountaineering ax for those, pretty icy as of 3 days ago.
NERanger21, quick question, and sorry for the thread drift: I've been up Debar, but I'm interested in Furnace. Is there a trail of some sort up Furnace? I am familiar with the network of logging roads that leads from Route 30 over to the east side of Furnace, but is the mountain itself a bushwhack, or is there a trail somewhere?
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