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This is them on bikes when they were 3. I don't doubt they could ski with the right gear.

I have a pretty good idea of what they are willing to do, and how to keep it fun for them. With biking we went from riding on a sidewalk, to pump tracks, to riding double track and finally single-track trails. We also bought little mountain bikes with pneumatic tires that weren't cheap once they kind of got to the point where they could outride the Strider brand bikes. The Striders were good until they got to where they could and wanted to ride on trails.

The last thing I wanted to do is have them have bad experiences with it though, and that's kind of all they have had. Luckily they kind of think sledding and skiing is all the same thing, so I think they get the idea that they could go down a hill on skis like a sled.

My wish for skiing was to kind of just let them hike around on groomed trails with those "toy" skis above and maybe glide down a couple small hills to get the feel for what is possible - other than that, just play with them. I kind of did the same things with the bikes and they were just "toys" at first until they got serious about it, and then it was a different kind of toy for them.

Thanks for the info about the boots TG. I have no doubt a good boot that would tighten properly on their foot would be key. We thought about trying to look for something, but by the time we get that sorted out, this winter will be gone... and perhaps next year will be time for "real" skis.
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