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Hiked Swede this morning with my wife Nanny goat. I have been waiting for the opportunity to hike it, all I can say is How "Swede" it is. I went to the Warren County Recreation Mapper and printed out the trail map. The trail map indicates that it is 21.8 miles from exit 25, this is incorrect. I spoke to two other hiking parties this morning and they both had missed the trailhead and turned around at 9N in Hague. Unfortunately I went home and do not have the correct number.
I did take a picture of the reference marker number across from the trailhead, the bottom number is 1412.
That reads 41.2 miles within control segment 1 from the Warren/Hamilton County line to the Swede mountain trailhead. If anyone doesn't understand, the last 3 digits "412" is the mileage in tenths of a mile or 41.2 miles. It's counting upward from the Warren county line near Wells. If you drive in from Hague it would count downward from around 46.3 as an example. It's called the direction of inventory.

If you come in from Chestertown, route 8 will curve a lot along Brant Lake. Once you clear Brant Lake the curves will calm down and the road will widen sometimes with a second lane. It won't be long before you pass a designated paved car pull off on the (RIGHT). It's an obvious pull off not some questionable dirt pull off. When you pass this pull off the trailhead is within 2 miles. The road will climb up beside the mountain and the trailhead is immediately on the right. If you pass Elephant Rock you have gone too far.

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