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For those who have done a fair amount of hiking in Pennsylvania, what would you say are some of the toughest hikes in that state? So far, I've only come across a few that gave me a decent workout:

- Jack's Mountain, which someone on Summitpost wrote has the most elevation gain in the state. While I can't verify that, both approaches (1,000 Steps and the SST from Route 655) were fairly steep by PA standards.

- Tuscarora ("Big") Mountain from Cowan's Gap in the initial section before it flattens out. Also, the spur trail from Tuscarora to Hogback Mountain felt a lot longer than it was.

- Hyner View's trail that goes down roughly 1,000 feet in a mile before heading back up. This one lived up to its name, the "Hyner View Challenge Trail."

- Gillespie Point on the Mid-State Trail. Not the longest hike in the world by any means, but one that gets increasingly steeper before reaching the ridge.

- Blue Knob, the state's second-highest peak, has some ski trails with slopes that will give you a big mountain feel if you hike there when the ski resort isn't operating.

Some people say the Minister Creek and Rimrock Overlook trails in ANF are challenging, but I didn't find them to be all that bad personally.
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