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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
No, it's a NY state fund.
The EPF is funded primarily by the NYS Real Estate Transfer tax. At one point, the fund had almost $300 million in assets.
I believe it does or did get funded at least partly from the state, and other groups.

We have an approved state budget and a fully funded Environmental Protection Fund with $250 million, representing last years and this years appropriations.

The amount that will be available for purchasing land and open space in 2002 will be $76 million, an increase of $ 10 million over the governor's original proposal. About $ 12.5 million will be available for DEC/OPRHP land and park stewardship for FY 2002-2003. This figure is equal to the FY 2000-2001 appropriation for land stewardship and $2 million more than the governor's original proposal, so we have protected the funding level for this key source of trail maintenance and backcountry projects money. We were able to eliminate $35 million of the proposed $46 million in General Fund offloads, freeing that money for land acquisition, farmland preservation and other EPF priorities.

The budget language does authorize a $235 million dollar loan from uncommitted EPF cash balances to the state's General Fund. Legislation included with the budget authorizes repayment of the EPF from the General Fund if the available funds in the EPF are insufficient to meet actual and anticipated cash needs for EPF authorized projects over the next 10 - 15 years.

I will be providing with a full report after I check some final negotiation details with Assembly senior staff and Lynette Stark of the Governor's office. But for now, key land acquisition and stewardship projects can go forward!!

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