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Interesting and tempting. The PA Wilds are definitely a hidden gem in the northeast when it comes to long distance backpacking options ranging from 20 to 100+ miles.

Are you familiar with the route of the Eastern States 100, a 100 mile running race through the PA Wilds? It was posted to the PA Wilds subreddit as a possible 100 mile backpacking loop that follows portions of the Mid State, West Rim, Black Forest, and Donut Hole Trails. There are some short road walking sections but the vast majority of the loop is off road and on trail. According to the person who posted it, the group that organizes the race does a fair amount of trail maintenance along the route so the route is easy to follow even where it doesn't follow designated State Forest Hiking Trails. The southern and eastern portions of the loop could be used to lengthen your proposed route even further (although by doing so, you'd miss the scenic sections of the Black Forest Trail).

Similarly, I've had ideas for a while of a grand 120+ mile loop incorporating the Susquehannock Trail System, the North and South Link Trails, and the Black Forest Trail. Adding on the bulk of the Eastern States 100 to this loop would increase this distance even further, to about 190 miles.
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