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Any particular reason you chose to have it turn east rather than continue north along the West Rim Trail? As it is, it does include Pine Creek Gorge but only a small section of it. I haven't hiked the West Rim Trail yet myself, but my (educated) instinct would be that this would be the more scenic route. However, I've also often thought that a trail that links Loyalsock State Forest generally, and the Loyalsock Trail and Old Loggers Paths specifically, with the rest of the broader PA Wilds would be neat, and after looking at the map I see that it would easier to do this by having the trail skip the bulk of Pine Creek Gorge. Perhaps, after the Black Forest Trail, the trail could cut more directly north, then east, then work it's way south along the West Rim Trail, then turn east? It'd be a bit convoluted (and it might violate your "existing trails only" rule), but if the West Rim Trail is as nice as I've heard, it seems like it would be worth including somehow.

Another thought I had after reading your post was that on the west end, it could turn south and eventually link up with the Laurel Highlands Trail, but I took a look at the map and I see that there would be about 50-60 miles (as the crow flies) of nearly entirely private land to traverse to make such a connection. Allegheny National Forest is much closer, and while there is still a gap of private land that would need to be crossed, I agree that a connection there would be more feasible.
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