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Rather than start a new thread on the topic I figured I'd post here.

A buddy of mine, who shares a love of conspiracy theories, UFOs, and Sasquatch with me, sent me a link today about the Indian Lake Project. I was intrigued. Both of us are skeptics and generally dismiss about 99% of what we read as hoaxes or total BS but this was interesting given that it dealt with Indian Lake.

Within the story there is a link to a 16-minute youtube video detailing everything known about the Indian Lake Project. If you have the time/patience to watch it you may enjoy the story though it all sounds very hoaxy to me. But I did find the part about a temporary military installation in the woods around Indian Lake during the 1950's interesting. If there was such an installation it would be remembered. Anybody have any idea what that was? Was it real? If so, where was it? I'm figuring there must be a simple explanation for such an installation if it did exist. At the 7:00 mark of the video there are pictures of the supposed structures and at 11:50 mark some video of the interior of one building. There's really no way to know exactly where the pics/video were taken but perhaps somebody may recognize something if it was actually taken around Indian Lake.

As for the conspiracy theory part... who knows? The fact this tale ties to MKUltra is fascinating but that usually signals that the whole thing is nonsense. And the sketchy details of the story is one of the hallmarks of a classic conspiracy theory - almost nothing is verifiable but they want you to believe it anyway.

Additional details on any of this would be appreciated.
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