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re: Who's Tying

Already filled one of those big plastic compartment boxes with trout flies, a couple other smaller fly boxes, and did a few Steelhead patterns as well. I haven't done so much tying in many years, but since I can't really get out too much during this pandemic, I made a point of sitting down almost every evening to tie a different pattern. Probably over a 1000 flies so far. Most years I typically just tie whatever I need right before I go on a trip to replenish what I've used earlier. Now I should be good for quite a long time and get to use some patterns I've never tried before.
I also started tying some Steelhead patterns just to do something new. I'll probably donate them to my local TU chapter, or my niece who works near the Salmon River, and is occasionally getting some time off to fish there.
No time better than the present to fill those boxes for next season!
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