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Lean-to project

Hey Gang:
'Just curious if anyone here has some experience building an Adirondack lean-to? I'm no contractor, but I have a few different sets of plans (including DEC's). I'm undertaking a lean-to project in my yard, my own rough and rustic version of one. I just had my property logged and the logs, which are hemlock are at the mill now.

My biggest question is the roof pitch, which none of the plans depict and some have the high-point of the structure in different places. I prefer it a little more out front rather than in the center (see photo). So, I'm curious what the roof pitch is so I can cut the logs at the right angle as I lay out the gable ends. But again, I'm no contractor and not good with angles.

I was searching this forum for a past thread where someone built a lean-to but couldn't find it. Any incite would be appreciated.


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