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Originally Posted by Buckladd View Post
Do you think it would be the same for an 8x12 version? This one is 12 x 16.

Thanks again guys!
It is a preference that you have to decide in person. A steep pitch like 7/12 gives you more head room , keeps the front high above the fire, and supports a heavy snow load. It calls for more material and might be harder to work on ( a bundle of shingles won't slide off a 4/12 roof but will slide off a 5/12 pitch). A low pitch roof offers more protection against the elements. The suggestion of graph paper is a great initial step in the planning. A visit to other lean-tos is invaluable. A lawn chair, some spirits, some erb (if you are into it), will help you to create your special design.
Just go for it, live in it, critique it, knowing that second one is going to be so much better.There is no wrong in something that gets you into the woods.
"A culture is no better than its woods." W.H. Auden
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