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Let's see...
Plattekill is in the Catskills, base elevation is 2,000 ft so it gets and holds better snow than you might expect. There's some steep terrain, and they have an open slope policy (ski wherever you wish, but if you're injured, drag yourself to an open trail). It's rarely busy.

Catamount in Hillsdale is a fun place, very reasonably priced and also gets some good snow when the Nor'easters come through.

MCauley Mt in Old Forge is tons of fun too, similar to Platte but smaller. It's got some gnarly terrain and gets great snow.

Snow Ridge in Turin is a long ridge with but 500 vertical. It's in prime position for lake effect snows and gets around 300-400 inches a year. There's some fun stuff far skiers left, most of the terrain is decidedly mild. Again, rarely busy.

There are others like Swain, Song, Toggenburg, etc but I have no direct knowledge of them.

Unfortunately one of the best areas is closed (and maybe forever). Hickory in Warrensburg is known as the little brother to Mad River Glen. When they had snow, there was no place better...very challenging and one of the best vibes ever. I grew up skiing there, very sad to see it fade away.

There's also my favorite BC ski spot, mostly in NY, but also in MA.
PM me for details if you think you might want to do some BC skiing.
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