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Schroon Lake-Paradox-Johnson Pond-North Hudson-SL Loop - 25 APR 12

This 25 mile loop includes river views, lake views, and a ride through the woods on a dirt road. The first 11 miles are up and down a little, but nothing major. There's a decent two mile climb on a good dirt road (Johnson Pond Road), then down the other side on pavement, then more minor rolling back down Route 9 to Schroon Lake.

Starting from Mr. P's / Grand Union in Schroon Lake, go north on Route 9 out of town. Turn right on Alder Meadow Road at 2 miles, drop down and cross the river. At 3 miles turn Left on Severance Road and follow it until it tees into Route 74 at 3.8. Turn right and roll gently above Paradox Lake for about four and a half miles to Letsonville Road at 8.3. Bear left on Letsonville Road for two miles to Johnson Pond Road at 10.4. Johnson Pond Road is not marked on this end, but is a dirt road on the left as Letsonville Road bends right.

The two mile long grade starts here as you climb to the gap. About half way up private land gives way to forest preserve. The road stays well packed to the top and through the gap. The pavement starts before starting down the other side. After the first downhill, Johnson Pond is on your left at 14.

The next three miles are downhill, all the way to Route 9 and North Hudson. Turning left (south), Route 9 is gently up and down back to Schroon Lake.

Distance: 25.7
Elevation: 1,197
Time: 2:11

Map & ride data here.
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