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Originally Posted by yardsale View Post
I think you're right. The little nobs on the tips will allow use of the "D" ring on a skin that is much narrower than these boards. Narrow skins would work so long as you don't try to do any steep traversing where the ski would be up on edge. That would be difficult to do with a ski this wide anyway. After climbing up, you will want to go down, therefore my concern for sidecut remains.

Standard tail clip attachment would work with these skis.
Yes the notches are for skins. Watch the video posted in my first post and you will see they have full skins on them and the type of bindings used. Regarding side cut: They are really for hauling a toboggan of gear behind you on the flats and rolling hills. They are not meant for steep downhill skiing thus no side cut. Overall they float better than snowshoes and work well for an older, slower type of individual, like me, that still gets out in the winter and wants to enjoy some rolling hill "downhill" action after cutting the trail.

Here is a pick of the 2nd pair of four:

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