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hope no issue with renewing an old thread. I read all 3 books, sold a set of 3 but I have reacquired 2 copies of The Healing Woods and gave one of those away.

I read somewhere she had a fourth manuscript in progress but it has been lost.

I first read THW when I was a grade-schooler. About 15 years ago I wondered if she was still alive; sad to hear she died quite young, around the time I first read her book in the mid 1960s

I just got back from a 2 week camp/paddle trip up that way; made it in to Little Weller for a bit. nice in there

edit to add: here is a link that gives a lot more of the story of Martha and Fred Rice. It touched my heart when I read where she wrote and asked a relative to send them 5 dollars per month to help with their expenses.

edited again to add a more pertinent Martha Reben link

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