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A few more photos from the same collection. The date's aren't exact but it looks like most of these were taken in the late 50's/early 60's.

Rondeau's camp. Looks a bit different today (the trees have fully grown in at the old lumber camp now).

Calkins Lean-tos. This area has also visibly grown in since, and clearly gets less use than it used to (there's not really a beaten down, bare patch of dirt in front of the lean-tos anymore).

This one is just labeled "Cold River Horse Trail." I can't place the exact location... looks like Duck Hole perhaps but the islands/shore line don't seem right. EDIT: On closer examination I think it Duck Hole, it's just taken at a weird angle. The hills in the background of Petty's image roughly line up with the hills in the background of this photo that I took a few years ago.

This last one isn't from the Cold River area but it was too fun not to share. A group of scouts hiking into Marcy Dam on the truck trail. Scout troops haven't changed one bit:

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