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We went into Colden this past weekend...some thoughts...

- We were thinking we would drop packs at the Avalanche lean-to, loop around the east side of Colden and come back north through the pass. We couldn't find the avalanche lean-to. It's there, just hidden.

- Going around Avalanche Lake was really tough- like all those above said- one mile/hour max.

- If you're going to the Holden lean-tos, I recommend travelling around the west/Algonquin side of Lake Colden. We travelled down the east side and the blow down made it really difficult travelling. We came out the next day around the west side no prob.

- There are only 4 lean-tos at that end of Colden- get there early. Two of them are right on the lake and very exposed to the wind coming down the valley. TBPDPTI is right about securing one, we burned some time finding a "home" for the night.

- It's definitely winter up there. Probably 2-3 inches of packed snow. We didn't need our snowshoes, but got plenty of use out of the microspikes.
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