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Gray Ghost,

I checked out your website. Congrats on those fish and the photos. It sounds like you have spent decades learning where to go, for all the best spiritual type reasons.

Without meaning to be trite, location, location, location. Without meaning to overstate the obvious, there are a lot of great wilderness and semi wilderness areas in the Adirondacks, particularly for trout fishing.

I think fly fishing is an exquisite way to fish. I don't think it lends itself well to the run and gun nature of wilderness canoe trips. However, I know most people who like to fish for trout, vastly prefer it to other methods.

I canoed the Osegatchie and hiked into the Three Ponds area before the windstorm blew all the trees down. I did that trip in July. We did catch a trout on a small Mepps spinner. However, I thought the area just begged to be fished with weighted nymphs with a strike indicator in late April or early May. There were some great looking spots, even though sustained 80 degree days made trout fishing in July a questionable enterprise.

All the best,


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