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Some rivers that are NOT in the adirondacks, but ARE closer to your home state of Maryland that I have paddled recently are:
1) The Clarion River in western PA. While not wilderness, really, there are some pretty stretches that are flanked by national forest and have a wild feel to them. Mostly class 1, a bit of 2 thrown in. This river is one of PA's "water trail" rivers, and this link should get you started:

2) The James River in Virginia is also very scenic, and has a remote feel to it. You have to be a bit careful on picking your season, though. July it might feel like a bit of a beer-float. I did this one in April, and while a bit brisk at night, we had the river to ourselves (if you don't count the nesting Canada geese about 25 yards from our island campsite).

3) One that I have not done yet, but which is on my summer list is the West Branch of the Susquehanna. This could be quite a long trip, and the satellite images show a very forested bank for almost all of it. Not sure about acid mine runoff, but the reports I have read sound enticing for this trip. Also one of PA's river trails.

Of course, there are many fine trips to be done in the Adirondacks as well. It is just that most of the rivers there are a bit too steep to qualify as class 1 and 2, and tend to be too boney in the warm months. A better approach to the Adirondacks is to go pond-to-pond in the st regis canoe area, or look at the cedar river flow, lows lake, lila, little tupper, or perhaps the raquette.

Best of luck

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