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You should have the Paddler's Map. It's a large lake and if you're arriving late in the day, you don't want to be wasting time looking for the sites. And I suspect that arriving on a Friday evening in August, you may have lots of competition so you can't count on getting a particular site, esp the best ones. Be prepared to settle for what I think of as "overflow sites" -- the ones lightly used because no one uses them unless everything else is taken. Maybe someone else here knows an online map (I use the Paddler's Map).

Generally the top half of the lake (nearest the put-in) has more sites on the right hand side, going down -- the bottom half, more sites on the left hand.
If you could manage to get there earlier Friday it would be a big help.
Be sure to go from the south end of the lake down to Rock Pond. Great day trip! (There are also some nice campsites on Rock)
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