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Forked Lake Info

Looking to get some info for a trip next week. First, let me apologize for so much fishing, I tend to prefer getting just enough info to be safe and enjoy figuring out the rest on the spot. However, learning to camp with a young family means learning to compromise.

So, I haven't been to Fork-ed lake in 15-20 years so my memory is a bit fuzzy. First, it looks quite busy. The couple of times I have been there, before the reservation system, it was empty. Got the big island to ourselves at least twice. I guess the reservation system is a mixed blessing. It spreads people over more resources, but it means fewer secret spots for the regulars.

We reserved site 40 (peninsula, maybe breeze, swimming) but now looking at google satellite view I am concerned that it may be a bit tight for 2 tents (2 person and 3 person). Anybody have specific knowledge of that site? 41 is also available, but 42 is taken and I would prefer the one site buffer unless 41 is significantly better.

It also looks like 59 and 60 are available if there was a compelling reason to switch. Compelling reason might be better tent areas or more screening/privacy, better swimming. 44-40 look pretty bunched up without much screening between them.

Also I should mention I did quite a bit of reading through old posts and didn't quite find what I was looking for.

Next question, wilderness campsites (still no ump online): ARGIS (looks like they need some funding) shows sites down by the Raquette lake carry trail and some at the far west end but shows none by the lean-to. The ADK paddlers map also does not show tent sites by the lean-to. The NFCT map shows tent sites by the lean-to. NatGeo doesn't even show the lean-to. SLIM shows lean-to only. I don't think I have ever been to a lean-to that doesn't have tent sites around it. Can someone confirm tent sites at the lean-to location?

Lean-to location: SLIM and ARGIS show the lean-to just past the campground boundary across from site 60. Paddlers map and NFCT map show it right next to the outlet from Raquette lake. Can anyone clarify?

I'm kind of hoping that once my wife sees how small and manageable Forked Lake is, we could ditch the campground and get out a bit further.

Finally, can anyone recommend a nice quiet stream paddle from this lake? Something similar to Single Shanty Brook from Lake Lila. Small, slow and meandering. I think the Raquette river towards Long Lake might be ok in sections, but really wouldn't want a carry, much less 3 for just drifting with the kids.

How's the North Bay Stream or Brandreth Lake outlet?

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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