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Originally Posted by MrKawfey View Post
Had a great time at Forked Lake last week.
Here is some info for those who may need it:
Site 40 turned out to be a great site with a caveat. 40 and 41 are very close together without much screening. Fortunately there was no one at 41, but in the future I think we would chose a different site if there was.

41 and 42 are spaced and screened relatively well. 42 to 43 and 43 to 44 are all spaced and screened similarly.

41 and 42 are really open in the front where they face the lake and have steep rocks down to the dock.

45 was nicely tucked in and well screened, but it looked like it would be sheltered from most breezes unless the wind was just right. That could be good (protect from cold) or bad (wouldn't help keep bugs down. It also looked like it could be pretty lumpy with rocks and roots.

40 was really a great site. There was plenty of room for 2 tents (4 person and 2 person) and could have squeezed another one in. The peninsula gives you lots of room to spread out and the rocks at the end are great for swimming or sunning on.

We didn't really check out any other sites so not much else to report.

We did paddle up the small in-flow on the north end of North Bay. It was really beautiful, calm and relaxing. The kids loved spotting game trails and we saw plenty of wildlife. We were able to paddle about a half mile as the crow flies, which worked out to about a mile with the bends. This was without ever having to get out and pull the canoe over obstacles. We could have gone plenty further if we were willing to work for it.
So, how did the wife like the paddling trip?
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