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She loved it. And she admitted that she had been nervous for no reason.

I had taken a trip to Lake Lila the previous year with my son (5 at the time)(and others) and we had wicked wind that whipped up serious waves while we were paddling out. It took us about 3+ hours of paddling as hard as we could directly into the wind just to reach site 20 on the point. I think that story had her nervous about heading out with two kids and a loaded canoe. Also the thought of potentially needing to paddle back due to an emergency without regard for conditions had her concerned.

All valid concerns, but it wasn't until she saw it with her own eyes that she was able to appreciate how small and close everything is in the DEC campground.

In the end, everyone agreed that it was a fantastic trip. As a side benefit, SHE initiated a push to find a new family tent as my early 90's Kelty is too stretched out to shed water and as the kids get bigger it's starting to get pretty cramped in there. It's hard to stomach a 6 person tent, but there are some pretty nice options out there nowadays.
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