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I looked at under the Summer it shows a red dotted line from the Gondola that goes to the top of the Summit Quad. There the dottled line takes a sharp left, not quite 90o onto the trail to the Summit. This may be marked in the Summer. I'd ask the lift operator.

Summer Map.

Winter Map.

Using the Winter Map. Follow the Excelsior Trail, Stay on the ridge to The Follies which changes to Parons Run which changes (last change) to Riva Ridge.

Riva Ridge takes you the to the top of the Summit Quad. Behind the exit from the Quad explore on the uphill side that's where the non-ski run trail will be. Don't continue going straight across following the contour because that goes to the slides. There is probably a sign indicating that - I'm pretty sure a sign as I've gone that way too to get to the slides.

There isn't a hiking trail in the Ski Area. Follow the ski trails to the highest lift on the mountain (Summit Quad) then almost a 90o turn onto trail to the Summit.

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