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I grew up in the area and frankly, aside from Middle and out into Tupper, the park does not offer the best pike fishing in the area. For that you should thrash any water that leads to the St. Lawrence and the Saint Lawrence. The rivers all hold lot's of pike as well as muskie. I don't like to give away my honey holes and even the statement that water leading into the big river feels like I'm letting the cat out of the bag but if it's pike you want, they are there . They love the weedy beds and channels in these rivers. Because you can work the current with them I have always had the best luck with Mepps spinners, the bigger the better. Fancy colors are not necessary but they work. Silver Aglia's are my favorite for some of these cloudy spots. Cast to edge of the weeds near a drop off and wait for them to hit. If you do use the big Aglies, don't be surprised to hook into sunken wood. There are old sunken boom logs hidden in some of the holes. Muskie are also around. I had one take my spinner on the lower end of the *** river near *** and brought it to 10 feet from my canoe before it casually spit my lure out...casually, sput, done. It did me a favor. There was no way that thing was going to end up in my canoe without someone ending up in the water. it was massive.
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