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If he perished in the woods, I think it's fairly unlikely that there is much left of the body at this point. Bones don't last forever in the woods- in particular, they are rife with some rare but important nutrients that wild animals struggle to find elsewhere. I've stumbled across a number of deer and moose skeletons over the years where the active gnawing of the bones by rodents was plainly obvious.

And bones can and do break down on their own through weathering. According to this website, in the right conditions an entire skeleton can dissolve in as little as 20 years. While I very much doubt that the higher elevations of the Adirondack High Peaks come anywhere close to the "right conditions" to facilitate such a rapid break down of bone, it remains that bones don't last forever even in the absence of animal consumption.

If he had any gear with him that was metal perhaps (such as an external frame pack), that would much more likely have survived to today. But based on the reports it sounds like he had very little gear with him when he walked away from the lean-to site.
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