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The issue is not so much trail impact - TM is correct on that. The issue is more intangible, and why it's so much more of an issue. It's really about drawing the line for motorized use.

Right now, the trails I ride do not allow e-bikes, and the policy has been regardless of state regulations, the decision is in the hands of the land manager. I believe this is the proper management strategy. I'm pretty sure the state will handle this in the same way for their lands and allow the DEC to decide what trails are open to e-bikes and what are not. Certainly Wilderness is off limits, and it is to pedal bikes, and this will probably further drive a stake into the bike access argument. But regardless of that, in the Adirondacks, Wild Forest allows motorized access on roads and snowmobile trails, so I don't see that e-bikes will be any more detrimental there. They are very quiet, so even hikers or campers near a snowmobile trail will not be burdened with noise.
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