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There a a lot of other points of view on Grannis. I'm a Bullseye Pistol competitor, Benchrest shooter, reloader and licensed for CCW, but I think that Pete Grannis' advantages to the outdoor user in NY State far outweigh what the NYSRPA or the NRA thinks about him.
He's seen by most who want to protect the woods that we all enjoy as someone who will carry on the Pataki land acquisition legacy.

I'm not saying this applies to you, but I prefer to make up my own mind rather than vote or oppose on a single issue. That usually puts me at odds with the NRA, an organization that ostensibly looks after the rights of firearms owners. With their take-no-prisoners attitude, the NYSRPA and NRA are seen by many firearms owners as so rabid in some of their positions as to have driven-off the middle ground of gun owners. Grannis's last job was to represent an upper class NYC constituency. He now works for a much more diverse set of voters.
Lets give Pete Grannis a chance before the outdoors community starts looking for a noose and gets divided over his new position.
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