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Originally Posted by Keithk View Post
I was responding specifically to redhawk's request for gun info. I am however deeply skeptical of Grannis, maybe it's ignorant of me, but I just can't understand how a guy from the concrete jungle of manhattan is the best person to head up the DEC.
I wasn't looking specifically for "gun info". I was more concerned on why the NRA and Gun owners were opposed to him, and how much that weighed against the good (or bad) he would do for the park.

Anytime someone or even more so a special interest group speaks out against a person, I think they have an obligation to cite the specifics as to why they are opposed. That offers people who do not have a special interest to weigh the cause.

Personally i wouldn't support anything someone proposed unless they listed their reasons.

Part of the mentality has already shown in stating that this seems like an "anti gun forum". That's not the case it's just that some of us don't fully support what the NRA and some gun owners propose. However we get the tag because for all the rights that some gun owners say they want to protect, they are not too keen on respecting the rights of the people who disagree with some of the issues to express them.

Guns are only one of the issues affected by the decisions of the DEC. I'm more interested in conservation and preservation and those are the factors that will affect whether I oppose or support an official. That's much more important, in my opinion, then what his stand is on guns.

Hence my question.

Normally I don't even check the hunting or fishing forum but when a new Post shows up about "Protecting My Outdoor Heritage", I certainly have to check it out. As it turns out it has nothing to do with MY outdoor heritage at all, nor do i think that if this guy becomes commisioner it is going to take away most of outdoor heritage.

If the guy is a supporter of preserving the park, he sure isn't going to take away my outdoor heritage, therefore I don't have to sign a petition to protect it as Stillhunter claims, do I?
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