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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
So, let's have all the FACTUAL information about the legislation being referred to. If you have a reason, you should have a basis. if you have a basis, with fact to back it up, then let's see it. if not, then don't expect support from me.
Good Point, I agree with just about everything else you stated in your argument above.

This is the only bill I could find that he directly sponsored (pertinent to the discussion at hand), which was referenced by the article I posted above.

In this Bill, it seems to be an attempt to override the authority of the DEC's trapping laws, by allowing counties to enact legislation limiting or prohibiting trapping within the given municipality.

Based on just this bill, I could understand why hunters/trappers would be opposed to him. They tend to be big fans of slippery slope arguments.

There's quite a few bills he's co-sponsored, but abstracts aren't listed on his page for cosponsored bills. Don't have time to look through all of those at the moment, but here's a link to his Sponsored Legislation at the NYS Assembly

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