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Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
That in and by itself does not really say he is against trapping. ...

Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
... What is does say is that counties who want different standards than NYS provides may do so. ...
and this is why I said,
Originally Posted by coolrobc View Post
Based on just this bill, I could understand why hunters/trappers would be opposed to him. They tend to be big fans of slippery slope arguments.
(emphasis added)

To further explain my point; by allowing the smaller municipalities to legislate restrictions on hunting or in this case trapping, would would allow for a "chipping away" of the freedoms currently exercised by people who hunt and trap. There's a pretty pervasive fear in people who engage in hunting and trapping that any sort of legislation that further restricts their ability to engage in those activities, will eventually lead to the out right banning of them.

I realize I may not have been completely clear in my initial statement, but if you reread it with the clarification above, I think you get my point.

Also, I think it's silly to say he's not against it, because the legislation references 2 counties that tried to restrict trapping(Suffolk and Rockland), and them being overturned by the state on the issue. This legislation would allow those counties to overrule the existing statutes and make what is otherwise legal statewide, illegal.

Why else would he put forward this type of legislation? Last I heard, their has never been a huge outcry for "county's rights" like "state's rights". He's had a number of other pieces of legislation that he's submitted regarding animal cruelty with reference in most cases to animal testing, so their not pertinent to the question adressed above. It's not a huge jump, based soley on this bill, to say he's against trapping.

Additionally I have to say I disagree with the additional layers of bureaucracy that this type of legislation would add. We have a state agency to address the issue, we don't need county government to regulate it as well. Who's the enforcement going to fall to? It's currently with the DEC, so does that mean that the county sheriff's department and indivisual municipalities would be responsible?

I think he's got a great record on many environmental issues, and based on that I think his appointment makes sense. If he is in fact against hunting and trapping, which this bills leads me to believe he is, I disagree with his appointment.

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