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You'll have very limited success with any kind of spray on silicon impregnation. It will mostly wash away during your first rain.
You could get some Polyurethane (Kenyon or Eureka) to brush on to the fly, but it is a slow, messy job. The replacement PU's now are water base and will not hold up like the older flammable types.

You could also try Seam Grip - It is probably the best on the market and not waterbased. still made by St. Goban in good ol' worcester, but I doubt if you will get very far with their tiny brushes.

I would recommend either carrying a blue tarp to put over the fly if car-camping, or just break down and get a new tent. Odds are you cannot expected bean to have a replacement fly on hand 20 years later.
.And 20 years is a pretty good life to get out of a tent...
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