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Originally Posted by Schultzz View Post
I have much respect for you and admire your accomplishments, so I am not going to belittle you in any way. But MY experience has been different. I know some things that you do not because I have experienced some different things which you have not. Our government lies to us a great deal. They know much more than they tell us. You could use an imagination in very creative ways and you wouldn't be far from what really does happen. I happen to be in a position to know some things that most people do not know and I am willing to share them with you through PM if you are interested. Whether you are or not I wish you Peace and Goodness.
Escuse me, I do not assume or need to be told that you, or by anyone else here knows more than I because of some special experiences. Not in public or in private. We all have different experiences, and I certainly have different experiences and knowledge than you with the positions I have held and trust I have earned within the governement and elsewhere in my public circles. Do not assume that I have less valuable or less worthy working knowledge than anyone else, be it in or out of government. Projects I have worked on and led to fruition could be veiwed by some as from creative imaginations in ways that few could believe.

Yes, the "government lies to us". Even parts of government with a reputation of high trust (after all, 'we the people" are the governement). Partly it is the nature of having a secure society overall, as you undoubtly know. Partly it is to perserve $billions and years of investment to keep critical information and capabilities safely on "our side". I have had to lie about development and capabilities of projects under my belt in my years of service. Partly it is what every politician does, pasrticularly when makiing promises to gain office or power. That doesn't make it always right especially when when lies are repeated over and over, such as by biased media, so much repeated that the lies become "truth" to the average citizen.
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