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Question Sportiva Evo S overkill?

I'm having a heck of a time finding the right boots...

I am an avid hiker but new to full blown mountaineering. I'm taking it slow (plan to take the ems mountaineering class next winter) and for now am enjoying peak bagging in the Cats, Dacks and Vermont, and maybe some climbing in Canada...

I've been looking at the Asolo TPS 520's but I fear that they may not be ideal (slip on rock, not a full mountaineering boot). But, they do get some great reviews from you folks.

I'm also looking at the Sportiva Evo S boots. They same great, however, I wonder if they are currently overkill. I also worry about some negative reviews: not fully waterproof in snow, blisters, and not ideal for a wide foot. Do any of you have any experience with these boots in the Northeast? Are they overkill for me, or perhaps just not ideal for my purposes? FYI: I plan to purchase a separate winter boot next year for technical ice climbing so I'm currently looking for a satisfactory three season boot that can handle long one-day stints in the snow with some good socks...

I should also say that I'm turned on by the Sportiva Makalu's but I can't find them anywhere in the NY metro area. Perhaps if they're worth it, I'll take a trip up to VT and pick up a pair while visiting my sister in Burlington.


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