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I would not recommend a stiff-soled mountaineering boot as a three season boot for long one-day stints in the snow, as there are many lighter, warmer, versatile alternatives. Stiff-soled boots like the La Sportiva S Evo are good with crampons but otherwise have a lot of drawbacks compared with non-mountaineering boots, e.g. more expensive, heavier, less comfortable for long distances, worse slippage on some surfaces, snow-balling under sole, etc. There are numerous threads on good hiking boots on this forum and others (adkhp, vftt, etc.) that you can find by browsing or using the Search features. Many of these threads will cite a boot like the Merrill Isotherm 8 or equivalent as a good quality warm hiker for folks with wide feet who want to spend a day in the snow.

The separate winter boot you intend to buy for technical ice climbing can be used for any snow & ice hiking that may require crampons. Thus the three-season hikers could be chosen for comfort, weight and cost without being the $tiff-$ole-$tyle. Use the left-over riches to purchase other gear.

I have used my La Sportiva Trango Primes for hundreds of miles of winter hiking, however I strongly prefer non-mountaineering boots for snowshoeing, microspiking or bare-booting (snow-depth permitting) when it's cold out.

Best of luck!
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