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Originally Posted by poconoron View Post
It is far more enjoyable, I have found, to research these things on your own with TOPO in hand as has been suggested.

It brings with it a sense of discovery and excitement , as opposed to someone telling me where I should go. Try it!
Exactly. No one is saying you can't go, or that we have installed gates to our favorite remote places so you can't get in. It is just as poconoron said above. You will find it more enjoyable to do the research and to make your own "discoveries". In doing so you will build for yourself the necessary skills to enjoy your own favorite personal spaces.

I can tie down your canoe for you using my own version of a trucker's hitch, but I would rather and would freely and gladly give you the informational skill set for knot tying and the tools for you to securely tie it on your own without depending on me to do it for you. Same with remote places to visit.

Many of us have spent years finding our own individual paths to different places. They are not secrets. Likely with a little research you will find the same path, and in doing so you will learn much about how to make your own paths to many other interesting places.
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