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Central Appalachian Road Trip- WV and VA


Last month I went on a trip through WV and into VA to see some little-known parks. It was a great trip. Some highlights were Coopers Rock, Holly River State Park, New River Gorge, and Breaks Interstate Park. Audra State Park had a huge rock overhang called Alum Cave with a boardwalk. Holly River is a best kept secret, hidden deep in the Appalachian foothills with miles of trails, beautiful forests, streams, and several waterfalls. There are historical features like a one room schoolhouse and an on-site restaurant serving local dishes. Breaks Interstate Park is another amazing park that most people have not heard about. A deep gorge with stunning views and impressive boulders and rock features. The gorge is carved by the Russell Fork, famous for its whitewater. I highly recommend Breaks Interstate Park. Consider visiting out of the way parks, the beauty is impressive, fewer crowds, often less expensive, and the local communities can use the tourism.

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